Beyond these core features, CREE buildings also offer an extraordinary degree of versatility. Interior spaces are highly customizable because there is no need for load-bearing interior walls. Exterior walls are non-load bearing, allowing numerous curtain wall systems. Architects are therefore free to pursue their vision and create a space with outstanding form and function in addition to giving the building an appealing outside appearance.

Erecting a CREE building demonstrates a company’s progressive attitude, and the benefits go beyond mere image. End users appreciate the biophilic atmosphere provided by the exposed wood elements and open functional spaces characteristic of a healthy office building. For the tenant or building owner, improved employee well-being and performance brings valuable benefits as well.
Lively and attractive indoor environment
Highly adaptable floor space
Exposed wood elements improve ambience
Reduced operation and maintenance costs
Healthy office building by CREE
Limitless possibilities for individual design, adaptable to changes over the lifecycle of the building.

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