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Welcome to CREE—a group of companies committed to driving innovation in sustainable high-rise construction through collaboration within a growing global network.
The CREE GmbH vision
The vision to move forward. The will to work together.
Our mission is to lead the way toward sustainable, streamlined building processes to meet the varied and rapidly evolving requirements of construction.
We offer technology, knowledge, and a resource network to other forward-thinking partners across the globe, empowering them to create sustainable buildings to match their vision and specific requirements.

Our Vision

A smarter system for better buildings and a sustainable future. Progress driven by collaboration.

The CREE GmbH valuesProjekt: LCT ONE Architekt: Architekten Hermann Kaufmann ZT Gmbh Realisierung: CREE Gmbh Ort: A-Dornbirn Datum: 2012/11

Our Values

The way forward is together.

In order to advance and expand the possibilities of the CREE ecosystem, we have created a space for partners to share their findings and practices, so that the community can learn from, add to, and adapt a continuously growing knowledge base.

The CREE system enables versatile timber-hybrid high-rise construction all over the globe
We provide a way to build sustainably, empowering general contractors to deliver to their clients
Our lean production process uses local precast concrete and carpentry facilities
We believe in sharing our experience and supporting our partners

Our Story

A history of innovation and pioneers


Start of the Lifecycle Tower Project

Rhomberg Bau GmbH, in cooperation with Wiehag GmbH, Architektur Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH, and Arup GmbH seeks to develop a flexible, modular, ready-to-build wooden construction system for the construction of energy-efficient office high-rise buildings with up to 20 floors.

2010 - 2011

Founded in 2010, as the brainchild of Hubert Rhomberg, CREE has been revolutionizing the construction industry ever since.

CREE’s expertise is a seamless continuation of the 130 years of experience in the construction industry gained by our parent company, the Rhomberg Group. Its success stems from the ingenuity of CREE’s founder and CEO Hubert Rhomberg, an innovative visionary, who rethought the building process in every respect. CREE begins operating in 2011 with the construction of LCT ONE.


LCT ONE, the world’s first LifeCycle Tower

It is no coincidence that the first LifeCycle Tower carries the number ONE. This is the first structure of its kind. It started as a research project set up by Hubert Rhomberg in 2009 and then led to the founding of CREE to bring this project to life in 2012. LCT ONE in Dornbirn is an international sensation, welcoming more than 3,000 visitors every year, and it is setting new standards in every respect.

2013 - 2015

New projects in the pipeline

The Illwerke Zentrum in Montafon, Austria opens in 2013, the second CREE building after LCT ONE. Complete with a works restaurant and visitor center, this project demonstrates the versatility of interior spaces in a CREE building. Shortly afterward, in 2014, the Wagner Central Offices opens in Nüziders.

The BTV office building in Memmingen is completed in 2015. This is the first time that CREE’s innovative timber-hybrid construction is used for a building in Germany.

2016 - 2017

Global Partnerships

CREE starts the global roll-out of licensing the CREE system, partnering with construction companies worldwide. In 2016 Kimly Construction and Lian Ho Lee Construction join as CREE Singapore, and in 2017 the Danish Jensen Group joins to become the licensed partner for Denmark.


ZECH joins forces with CREE and becomes a shareholder

The ZECH Group joined as co-owner of CREE to continue driving the growth of timber-hybrid construction. Several successful projects, including the Suedkreuz in Berlin and the Handwerkerhaus in Bremen have been started since then.

In the same year, CDCL joins the growing global CREE network as CREE Luxembourg.


Eunoia Junior College—the first building in Asia

2019 sees the completion of the first building project using CREE in Asia. The result of a collaboration with local partners Kimly Construction and Lian Ho Lee Construction in Singapore, the impressive building houses Singapore’s first high-rise junior college.

CREE grows globally as CFE Construction from Belgium, Grupo Casais from Portugal, and a major player in the Japanese construction industry become the CREE entity for their respective countries.


CREE—the global platform

CREE is now operating in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Singapore, Japan, Belgium, and Portugal, and building a strong network of global partners.

CREE launches the digital platform to foster an ecosystem for continuously evolving knowledge and resources among users. It is not only a space to interact with peers and partners, but also to exchange and refine ideas that will have a visible impact on the construction industry and beyond.

Meet our Team

The CREE team is working to change the future of building, joining forces with partners around the world.

Core Team

CEO and Founder

Hubert Rhomberg

Managing Director and CTO

Rainer Strauch

Volker Weissenberger
Director Global Licensing

Volker Weissenberger

Assistant to the Managing Board

Lisa Nachbaur

Architecture & Services

Michael Kamenik

Architectural Design, BIM Coordination

Leonie Neff

Architecture & Platform Development

Wolfgang Simma-Wallinger

Project Coordinator, Structural Design

Julia Köhler

Project Manager

Annette Riel

Building System Architect

Eduardo Silva Maza

Building System Architect

Elif Istanbulluoglu

Coordinator MEP

Wojciech Niedzwiedz

Head of IT

Tilfried Weissenberger

Junior Frontend Developer

Bertalan Toppantó

Assistant for Marketing & Communications

Isabel Schieder

Global Team

Simon Cols

Simon Cols


Adam Barrie

Frederik Spanning

Frederik Spanning

Andreas Schimmelpfennig

Andreas Schimmelpfennig


Mady Lellé

Pedro Lopes

Pedro Pinto Lopes

Roy Khoo

Mr Roy Khoo


Reto Meier

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