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Considering the commercial challenges the building industry faces, it may seem a luxury to consider one’s environmental impact.

We believe it is time to disrupt the construction industry and do more than simply what the market demands. This movement aims to spread better and more sustainable building practices through collaborative innovation. Throughout the CREE network, our partners all over the world contribute their know-how and experience to continuously increase the efficiency, versatility, and scope of the CREE building system. This innovation is, therefore, driven not only by our vision, but most of all by the needs and creativity of our community.

Meet Our Partners

Successful Collaborations

Share a vision and succeed together—as CREE partners.

CEO of Grupo Casais 

António Carlos Fernandes Rodrigues

“CREE’s sustainable hybrid timber solutions and mindset are aligned with our present and future positioning in the construction industry. Our goal is to build responsibly by incorporating sustainable business practices, which will create long-term value for our clients and society. It is our understanding that organizations and governments should work together to limit carbon production and using the CREE systems means we are being proactive in this area.”

CEO of Jensen Group

Karsten Hjarsø

“Sustainability is a huge topic for the construction industry in Denmark. We can see that our initiative within timber-hybrid high-rise and system construction has been well received here in DK and has generated a lot of interest from all parts of the sector; especially from architects and developers who see it as an exciting new way of contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow. The team at CREE provides us with truly expert knowledge and advice on how to use the CREE system and how to design and build resource- and construction-efficient buildings—we were truly impressed by their professionalism and commitment.”

CEO of CFE Contracting SA/NV

Raymund Trost

“The CREE system is tried-and-tested technology that allows architects, investors, or contractors to plan and design the projects they want while achieving great benefits in terms of speed, reliability, and lifecycle costs. CFE already has—through its subsidiaries Laminated Timber Solutions and Wood Shapers—a long and recognized experience in wood constructions. Through closer partnerships and knowledge-sharing throughout the value chain, combined with the increased use of smart technologies such as CREE, we will be able to bring integrated solutions to the urbanization, mobility, and sustainability challenges our societies are facing.”

Executive Director of Kimly Construction

Khoo Beng Hwee

“We are very happy that we were able to secure the license for the construction market in Singapore. We are convinced that this will help to advance the level of sustainable construction in the region. By saving up to 60% of the weight of the materials in the floor slabs and walls, the system helps to reduce the volume of mineral building materials imported, reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90%, and significantly increases productivity on the construction site. The timber used in the building also creates a greener and more pleasant environment for the client and users of the building.”


Jean Marc Kieffer

“Sustainability and increased efficiency in the construction process are currently an important issue for the building industry in Luxembourg. That’s why we are sure that the market will welcome our initiative towards timber-hybrid high-rise and modular construction. The CREE support team provided our own team with support for general planning, choosing the value chain, consent procedures, and the construction process. We were impressed by their pragmatic approach and expertise.”

An Innovative Global Network

CREE Partners

CREE licenses general contractors with experience in large volume/multi-story building projects to use our intellectual property and technology in their area of operation and provides extensive support.

CREE shares the intellectual property and processes with the partner’s organization and helps to identify local sub-contractors for the production of CREE elements. In the course of a pilot project, CREE provides consultation during the design, permission, and construction phases to ensure a smooth and successful beginning to our partnership.

In addition, the partner has access to the CREE platform, which facilitates planning and product/component sourcing for this and future projects. Here, the CREE community shares helpful and relevant information and ideas, continuously advancing the intellectual property that all partners use and develop.

Collaboration for progress:

  • Power of the CREE brand
  • Increased productivity
  • Off-site production improves hygiene and quality
  • Knowledge and learning via CREE´s global platform
  • Speed of erection
  • Reduced workforce on site
  • Repetitive production processes
  • R&D within a global CREE network
  • Attractive portfolio
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Director Global Licensing
Volker Weissenberger
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CREE Studios

Planning with CREE

CREE Studios is a collaborative workspace to encourage planners to design with the CREE system. At CREE Studios, we share our knowledge and experience, offer training programs and support, and meet the needs of our collaborators throughout the building design process.
As planners gain more experience with CREE, they are further integrated into CREE Studios and learn to quickly identify a potential CREE project. The CREE integrated planning process rapidly results in a highly sustainable, unique timber-hybrid building.

Becoming a part of CREE Studios not only brings a new facet to the planning process, but also opens up new opportunities. Planners can interact with experts from different fields of construction and establish contact with developers and clients; all of which leads to potential new building projects.

Go to CREE Studios on our platform to find CREE´s system components library, planning handbook, and design principles. When you register, we will get in touch to help you find the perfect training program for you.
CREE platform

Success Stories

Unique and elegant solutions from a revolutionary toolkit—architects using CREE.

Outstanding transparency and efficiency for the best results—architects on the CREE system.
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Managing Director of Snøhetta Studio Innsbruck

Patrick Lüth

“As architects we are challenged to think how to build responsibly – creating high quality spaces for people while also reducing the environmental footprint. The use of wood as a building material can significantly contribute to achieving this goal. Building systems like CREE offer the chance to use timber constructions on a large scale and thus support a sustainable development of the building industries.”

CEO and Co-Owner Dietrich Untertrifaller Architects Europe

Patrick Stremler

“New technologies in mass timber enable an entirely industrialized building process —from planning to completion. This is the future of building.”

Herman Kaufmann ZT GmbH Austria

Univ.-Prof. DI Hermann Kaufmann

“Building with wood is active climate protection. There are many diverse possibilities for large timber construction. A building system, like the one CREE offers for offices and commercial buildings, facilitates both planning and the execution, while minimising risk. The system does not limit an architect’s creativity. It offers potential, as well as the certainty that the solution is already resource optimised.”

Structural Engineers, Insurance and Fire Safety Consultants

Outstanding transparency and efficiency for the best results—engineers on the CREE system.
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ASPECT Structural Engineers

Bernhard Gafner

“At ASPECT we believe in using the right material for the right application — not in one size fits all. And we are giving timber the place it deserves. As the only truly renewable building material it is the building material of the future. But we need to be smart and combine it with steel and concrete where suitable. The prefabricated CREE system combines materials in a smart way, resulting in a clean and simple solution that has many potential applications.”

Fire Safety Expert | IBS -Technisches Büro GmbH

Gerhard Leibetseder

“Timber buildings are becoming more and more recognized as the construction industry’s contribution to fight climate change. Nevertheless, people’s safety must remain our priority. At the IBS Institute in Linz, we clearly see CREE as being at the forefront of optimal safety timber construction, due to the 120-minute fire-rated building system and simple standard connection detailing.”

Managing Partner | merz kley partner ZT GmbH

Konrad Merz

“We at Merz Kley Partners Structural Engineering consider timber to be one of the most important structural materials of the future. To reach its full potential it is best combined with other materials, such as steel and concrete. CREE’s timber-hybrid system has successfully proven the effectiveness of such composite structures in large-scale and tall buildings.”

Director of the Board | Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung V.a.G.

Kommerzial Rat Dir. Robert Sturn

“Insurance companies are aware of an ever increasing number of timber buildings. For those buildings, when carefully and responsibly designed and built, the Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherungs V.a.G. applies the same insurance rates as for conventional buildings. In case of systemized pre-fabricated hybrid structures, such as Cree is using, even lower rates are possible. This mirrors their above standard safety level, combined with easier maintenance and simpler repair of damaged components.”

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