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Färbergasse 17b

Rhomberg’s Fabrik | Haus L

6850 Dornbirn


Tel.: +43 5574 403-3190




Informations ld. ECG


Commercial register: 354044 d

Regional Court of Feldkirch

UID: ATU66033936

Agency ld. ECG: District commisison Bregenz


Disclosure according to media law §25


Business manager: Hubert Rhomberg, Olaf Demuth

Philosophy: information and communication on CREE GmbH and its business activities and products

Chamber: Chamber of Commerce of Austria, sector: construction,


Line of business


Purpose of the company is:


  • the development, production and sale of wood frame construction systems, especially wooden multi storey buildings
  • the construction of different kinds of buildings, particularly construction systems.
  • the development, acquisition, award and utilization of patents, licenses, copyrighted usufructs and all sorts of know-how.
  • the consulting of all kind of companies, in particular building companies and companies working with construction systems.
  • the acquisition and management, rental, lease and sale of real estates and properties
  • the maintenance and upkeep of real estate.



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