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1925 Victoria Park

Welcome to Victoria Park, Toronto's first sustainable TGS tier 4 rental apartment building. This groundbreaking project showcases a net-zero future with joy and affordability.

The building features a well-designed massing that maximizes daylight in the central courtyard while minimizing heat gain in the units. The exterior boasts single-loaded corridors, promoting natural light and cross ventilation. The mechanical system separates heating/cooling from ventilation, ensuring energy efficiency and tenant health.


At the heart of this architectural marvel is a revolutionary CREE timber-hybrid system. Collaborating with consultants, fabricators, and specialists worldwide, the team has curated a construction method that combines local supply chains with European expertise. Robust heavy timber modules and precast concrete floor panels create a durable residential structure, resting upon a reprogrammable concrete ground floor. This innovative approach not only reduces costs but also slashes construction time by 30% and embodied carbon by 32%.


This project pioneers prefab heavy timber construction and affordable housing in Toronto. It proves that sustainability and design excellence are financially viable. Well Grounded Development and PARTISANS collaborated to create long-term sustainable communities, prioritizing life cycle costing to ensure long-term value and resilience.


Victoria Park surpasses conventional building standards. With every step, this project challenges zoning regulations, inspiring vibrant urban transformation.

General Facts


1925 Victoria Park


Toronto, Canada


Well Grounded Real Estate


Partisans Architects

Structural Engineers

ASPECT Structural Engineers

CREE Partner

Serotiny Group Inc.

Start of construction

December 2024


December 2025



36 m

Nr. of floors above ground


Gross floor area

15 820 m2

Additional Information

Size of Cree system area

14.897 m2


Holcim Award 2023: Gold for Sustainable Excellence
©Imigo, Partisans, Wellgrounded
©Imigo, Partisans, Wellgrounded
©Imigo, Partisans, Wellgrounded
©Imigo, Partisans, Wellgrounded
©Imigo, Partisans, Wellgrounded

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