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B&B Hotel Tres Cantos

Introducing an innovative leap in sustainable construction: B&B Hotel Tres Cantos

Grupo Casais, in collaboration with ACR, is revolutionizing the Spanish construction landscape with its eco-friendly construction paradigm, achieving a remarkable over 60% reduction in carbon emissions. This green breakthrough is powered by the advanced use of engineered timber, drastically cutting down on concrete use by two-thirds compared to conventional construction methods.


Tres Cantos, in Madrid, is the first city in Spain to welcome an industrialized hybrid building made of timber and concrete. The development of the new B&B hotel unit, a flagship venture under the Sunny Casais initiative, is set to redefine the architectural skyline of the region. This initiative follows the footsteps of our successful sustainable building projects in Guimarães, Portugal, heralding a new era of eco-conscious construction.


The collaborative effort with ACR, leveraging the innovative CREE System, showcases a cutting-edge, industrialized hybrid model that promises rapid deployment. This unique blend of timber and concrete, complemented by prefabricated modular facades, not only significantly slashes carbon emissions but also minimizes construction waste, noise pollution, and project delivery timelines. Embracing a “Design for Change” philosophy, Casais is at the forefront of delivering sustainable industrial construction solutions that harmonize productivity, people, and planetary health.

General Facts


B&B Hotel Tres Cantos


Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain

CREE Partner

Grupo Casais and ACR


Bolonia Corporate Services SL

Start of Construction

March 2023


TbD Arquitectura



22,12 m

Number of floors above ground


Gross floor area (GFA)

4500 m²
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Rapid Ascent: B&B Tres Cantos in Madrid Emerges in 14 Days

B&B Hotel Tres Cantos

The first CREE Building in Spain is making a grand entrance, featuring 120 hotel rooms. It’s not just an amazing collaborative work between two CREE Partners, the building is a narrative of speed, innovation, and sustainability.

In just 14 working days, the six floors of the innovative 4,500 m² building structure and its façades rise into the skyline. What makes this building extraordinary is not only its speed but its environmental consciousness.

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