The EDGE Suedkreuz building in Berlin by CREE© EDGE Technologies


EDGE Suedkreuz

Stunning design combined with forward-thinking urban sustainability: a workplace for the future.

Part of a larger re-development trend in Berlin’s “Schöneberger Linse,” this attractive two-building complex will house Vattenfall’s headquarters, among others. In addition to heightened sustainability due to timber-hybrid building materials, a central aim of the project was to provide employees with various environments to choose from during their time at work. The flexible interior planning opportunities of the CREE system were especially advantageous here, facilitating a mix of open and informal meeting areas to complement more conventional office spaces.

General Facts


EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin


Berlin, Germany


SXB 1 S.a.r.l. / SXB 2 S.a.r.l.


Tchoban Voss, Berlin

Start of construction

May 2019




Number of floors above ground

Up to 8

Gross floor area (GFA)

32,000 m²

Additional Information

Structural fire resistance

1.5 hrs

Structural Engineer(s)

Happold, Berlin
BIT, Berlin
The EDGE Suedkreuz building in Berlin by CREE© EDGE Technologies
© EDGE Technologies
© EDGE Technologies

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