Handwerkerhaus Überseestadt

A project that showcases the immense carbon-saving potential of the CREE system:

The Handwerkerhaus in Bremen’s Überseestadt district was erected in a record 10 days—4 days faster than planned. In addition to the impressive construction speed, this project showcases the outstanding improvements in sustainability offered by the CREE system: 80% fewer CO2 emissions per m² and 50% less total building weight compared to using conventional construction methods.

General Facts


Handwerkerhaus Überseestadt


Bremen, Germany


Achte GZS


KEC Planungsgesellschaft GmbH, Berlin

Start of construction

March 2019


February 2020



51.4 m


17.8 m


14.5 m

Number of floors above ground


Gross floor area (GFA)

3,663 m²

Usable floor space

789 m² (per floor)

Additional Information

Plot size

0.39 ha

Structural fire resistance

1 hr

Size of CREE system area

2,956 m²

Volume of Mass Engineered Timber

366.3 m³
Handwerkerhaus innen

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