The Handwerkerhaus Überseestadt in Bremen by CREE


Handwerkerhaus Überseestadt

A project that showcases the immense carbon-saving potential of the CREE system:

The Handwerkerhaus in Bremen’s Überseestadt district was erected in a record 10 days—4 days faster than planned. In addition to the impressive construction speed, this project showcases the outstanding improvements in sustainability offered by the CREE system: 80% fewer CO2 emissions per m² and 50% less total building weight than would have resulted from using conventional construction methods.

General Facts


Handwerkerhaus Überseestadt


Bremen, Germany


Achte GZS


KEC Planungsgesellschaft GmbH, Berlin

Start of construction

March 2019


February 2020



51.4 m


17.8 m


14.5 m

Number of floors above ground


Gross floor area (GFA)

3,663 m²

Usable floor space

789 m² (per floor)

Additional Information

Plot size

0.39 ha

Structural fire resistance

1 hr

Size of CREE system area

2,956 m²

Volume of Mass Engineered Timber

366.3 m³
Handwerkerhaus innen

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