The CREE GmbH valuesProjekt: LCT ONE Architekt: Architekten Hermann Kaufmann ZT Gmbh Realisierung: CREE Gmbh Ort: A-Dornbirn Datum: 2012/11


LifeCycle Tower ONE

The headquarters of CREE in Dornbirn, Austria: an attractive and inviting flagship building to represent our company’s vision.

Truly the first building of its kind, LCT ONE is much more than a cutting-edge office building. It also serves as a showroom for sustainable solutions and, as part of the “House of the Future” program, sets a bold and attractive precedent for urban architecture. The remarkable finished product is also the result of an extraordinary process: the 8-story tower went up in just 8 days, showcasing the fast-paced and reliable CREE construction phase. LifeCycle Tower ONE is an international sensation, raising the bar in every respect.

General Facts




Dornbirn, Austria


Aspermont Holding GmbH

Start of construction

September 2011


September 2012



24 m


13 m


27 m

Number of floors above ground


Floor area

Various sizes of rental units, from 100 m² to 1,600 m²

Usable floor space

1,765 m²

Additional Information


Certified Passivhaus, DGNB Platinum, LEED Platinum
LCT 1 outside
LCT1 outside
LCT 1 desk
LCT 1 upper floor

Aspermont Holding GmbH

Peter Greussing

“The LCT ONE is the most prominent building of ours. It had started as a test building, but soon turned into a profitable property. Potential tenants are lining up at an increasing waiting list, and the word of its healthy work environment spreads rapidly. We are proud to own such a sustainable landmark building. Feel free to contact CREE for a guided building tour!”

We Challenge the Status Quo

We provide a holistic, natural, and simplified way of building for those who are sick of the old way of doing things.

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