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Siemens Campus

An ambitious project in every respect.

The largest building project currently underway in Germany, the Siemens Campus in Erlangen will cover an area equivalent to 75 soccer fields. In addition to embodying Siemens’ commitment to pursuing carbon-neutral operations, this project is expected to reduce the time required for the project by 20% compared to the original plan. The campus will be the central hub of the city of Erlangen and stand as a monument to Siemens’ ecologically responsible mindset—as well as the possibility of saving time and resources through smarter building practices.

General Facts


Siemens Campus


Erlangen, Germany


Siemens Campus Erlangen Objekt 2 GmbH & Co. KG


KEC Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin

Start of construction

December 2019


August 2022

Structural Engineer(s)

BIT Büro für Integrale Tragwerksplanung GmbH, Berlin



58.52 m


58.52 m


20.15 m

Number of floors above ground


Number of buildings in total


Gross floor area (GFA)

69,485 m² (5 x 13,897 m²)

Usable floor space

5 x 10,783 m²

Size of CREE system area

5 x 11,243 m²

Plot size

0.27 ha

Additional Information

Structural fire resistance

1.5 hrs

Size of CREE system area

5 x 11,243 m²

Volume of Mass Engineered Timber

5 x 1,389 m³
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