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Introducing Stuttgart's first timber-hybrid marvel: The W15 Project elevates the Wissenscampus with sustainable innovation.

Addressing the urgent need for climate protection and efficient use of resources, the Wissenscampus (Knowledge Campus) of WÖHR + BAUER in Stuttgart is nearing completion with its latest addition, the “W15”. This marks the final stage in the development of the business park.


The introduction of the innovative 5-story “W15” building, employing the CREE timber-hybrid construction method, represents not only a first for WÖHR + BAUER but also introduces a new construction paradigm to Stuttgart. This addition enhances the Weissacher Strasse 11 buildings, further enriching the campus’s distinctive architectural style. Designed by the Stuttgart-based WMA Architekten, the building features a two-story entrance that acts as an alternative main access, establishing a prominent hub for businesses focused on knowledge and innovation.


The project kicked off with initial guidance from CREE HQ in Dornbirn, leading to the selection of Brüninghoff Bausysteme GmbH & Co. KG, in partnership with the Gottlob Rommel Group, to oversee the project as the main contractor. This collaboration involves Rommel handling the concrete work required for the basement and stair cores, while Brüninghoff manages the prefabrication, timely delivery, and assembly of the CREE System components onsite within a mere 2 months. Brüninghoff’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards in the production and assembly of the CREE System ensures a seamless final phase of construction by Rommel, emphasizing efficiency and quality.

General Facts




Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

CREE Partner




Architects and Engineers

wma architekten, Zilch + Müller Ingenieure, Energietechnik Müller GmbH, Halfkann + Kirchner Part GmbH

Start of Construction

January 2023



15,2 m

Number of floors above ground


Gross floor area (GFA)

6,500 m²
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